Socratic Dialogues about and without limits

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Socratic Dialogues in summer (2-4 August 2019) – Socratic Dialogues about and without limits


Dear friend of Socratic Dialogue,

This summer we are offering a special opportunity to participate in Socratic Dialogues.

In the context of our international conference “Grenzen/Limits-Borders-Boundaries” taking place from 2nd to 8th August, 2019 in Springe (near Hannover in Germany) Socratic Dialogues will be offered (2nd to 4th August) in German and in English – in one dialogue all participants may talk in their mother tongue.

Since the facilitators speak different native languages, also participants who are less fluent in the main language of the dialogue can get involved through translations. The facilitators are from Belarus, Bulgaria, Finland, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Czechia, and Turkey.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

Socratic Dialogues in English

Erik Boers / Horst Gronke:
“You are responsible!”- “No, I am not!” / “I am not responsible!” – Yes, you are!”: The limits of responsiblility

Antonia Chiappini / Pia Houni / Nimet Kücük:
What are good reasons to stop tolerating the behavior of others?

Agatha Liu / Rachel Kellett / Anu Virtanen:
To what extent should I allow my emotions to play a role in moral decision making?

Ralf Brocker/ Filip Bartek:
Mathematical Dialogue/ in English and German

Socratic Dialogues in German

Evelina Ivanova / Veit Siegmund:
Grenzen als Herausforderung zur Veränderung

Gisela Raupach-Strey / Maria Soloviova:
Welchen Sinn hat eine Grenze?

Ralf Brocker:
Mathematisches Gespräch/ in Deutsch und Englisch

A Socratic Dialogue in which every participant may speak his/her own native language

Pieter Mostert / Ludwig Gehlen:
Does faith help? – Hilft es zu glauben?

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Kind regards,

Angela Görlach


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